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Buckleberry in Flower

It was a warm spring day, and although the trees had not yet leafed out, Buckleberry was brightly alive with flowers:

Service Berry Blooming on the Tallest Hill At Buckleberry

Trillium Emerging From Under a Branch on the path to the K&P Trail

Trout Lilies growing in the center of the area known as 'The Bowl' at Buckleberry

(Thank you to the Nature Conservancy of Canada officer who called and helped me identify the above flowers as Trout Lilies.)

Two Trilliums Growing Near the Trout Lilies

And greenery:

'Meadow' on the path to the K&P Trail

Mossy outcrop with ferns

Pilgrimage To Gaia

Eric, Kaurie and Riley hiked up the ravines and switch back paths to Amon Sul, the highest point at Buckleberry. Eric admired the flowers while Kaurie and Riley, being dogs, sniffed through the foliage for signs of wildlife. As we approached the top of the hill, our first glimpses of Gaia told us that the statue was still there:

Gaia just visible through the trees from the top of Gaia's Gully

But was she still in good condition or had the winter elements damaged her? To know that we would have to get closer:

Gaia visible from the far side of Amon Sul

She seemed to be intact. So we approached even closer:


Still intact! Hurray! A close examination was in order. Coming around the last tree, issues became obvious:

Gaia Up Close

Something was growing on her skin in places where there was more shelter from the elements:

Cocoons in Gaias Armpit

It was cocoons. Catepillars had found a safe place to pupate. Gaia cares for all life forms.


The Giraffe from Gaia Attends Her Own Painting

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