2017 Spring Equinox Storytelling and Sushi Feast

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The 2017 Spring Equinox Storytelling and Sushi Feast was held on Sunday, March 19, 2017 in Seattle and Ottawa/Gatineau. We ate a sushi lunch in Seattle and a sushi dinner in Ottawa. Ben introduced his parents and the Sanders to Ravenna Park, where lots of other people were also out celebrating the new season. Then we joined the two locations via Skype for a selection of unusually emotional stories:

  • Judy's story about a dying bonsai tree
  • Eric's story about a nuclear war on a terraformed colony world
  • Michelle's story about an inventor whose coffeemaker was redesigned to make it environmentally destructive rather than beneficial
  • Ben's story about aliens studying the ruins of human civilization after we destroy ourselves
  • Sequoia and Ren's story about the battle-bot champions of Venus

Then to cheer ourselves up, we finished the evening in Seattle with a round of Evolution with the Flight expansion. In Ottawa, Eric and Michelle visited their cottage to begin the process of preparing it for summer. There's a 60-km recreational trail connecting it to Buckleberry, so they are excited about planning events that make use of that connection.

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