2013 Spring Equinox Storytelling and Sushi Feast

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The Spring Equinox Festival on March 16th, 2013, was held simultaneously in both Ottawa and Portland. It started at 18:00 EDST in Ottawa with a Suishi Feast and continued at 19:00 EDST/16:00 PDST with storytelling via Skype. We overcame the technical difficulties with skyping together two separate parties reasonably quickly and shared two stories across the continent:

After the Skype call broke up, the Portland group had some other stories:

  • Brandon shared his story about a cat
  • Shelley shared a story from her own life
  • Sequoia and Ted's son Shogi (or was it Max?) shared their story about things falling over and breaking
  • Steve (Ben's father) talked about the history of the giant nautilus, and shared a story about an acorn written and illustrated by Abigail (Ben's sister)
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