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Name: TBD



  • Next question for Walt: Is the Village Helix at the usual time (Memorial Day weekend)?
  • Ben: Concerned about being able to Skype Eric in
  • Everyone can pay their own camping fee
  • We may want to provide food for everyone


  • Brandon wants to invite the Earthseed people, which may not be possible for May
  • Ben wants to invite Star Community
  • People from Cascadia Now and the Transition Towns movement
  • Maybe Mathew and/or Molly
  • Consider Tryon Life folks and that ecovillage we're on the Meetup for
  • PDX Trackers Earth, Rewilding, Permaculture, Aquaponics
  • Gus and Hank!


We all want to be part of close-knit communities of people who care for each other. In a world facing extraordinary challenges, what should we do to help our communities thrive no matter what may come? And how can we build our resilient communities into something more--seeds of hope for growing a better world, should the world we currently know fall apart?

If these questions resonate with you, we invite you to explore them with us this Memorial Day weekend at the Windward Education and Research Center, a living example of resilient community that has been thriving in south-central Washington since 1987. We'll create the agenda when we arrive, Open Space style, and get the opportunity to learn about Windward through their Village Helix program. We'll live the experience of community through shared potluck meals, camp out under the stars, and imagine our way into the possible futures we want to plan for and create.

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